PARALLEL manipulator

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The PARALLEL manipulator is a manually controlled handling device with pneumatic weight compensation.

The rigid load guide allows an accurate and easy handling of loads up to 350 kg (771 lbs) without load swing. Due to this design, products can rotate and turn outside of the center of gravity easily.

With a working radius up to 4000 mm (13 ft) and a stroke in Z-direction to 2200 mm (7 ft), the manipulator can be integrated to any application.
A continuous 360° rotation around the main axis allows to work unrestricted. Optionally an adjustable stopper can limit the rotating range.
The handling unit will be fixed in the resting position by pneumatic brakes.

The PARALLEL manipulator is particularly suitable for exact and fast positioning.
In the assembly, manufacturing and packaging the manipulator is an irreplaceable facility.
Especially in case of constantly recurring manual movements this manipulator provides an optimum support for the operator without hindering his movements.